Welcome to WhyRoute

WhyRoute Monitor is a new best in class fully featured network monitoring device which offers high availability allowing your business and home to always be monitored, issues resolved remotely, control of wireless systems and network tools.

  • Supports RDP, VNC and SSH – Allowing you to connect to multiple devices from WhyRoute
  • Network IP Scanner – Identify free IP addresses for installation and rogue devices and find your devices on the network
  • Open Ports Scan – Test what ports are open for troubleshooting and security reasons
  • Ubiquiti Unifi Controller – Allowing you to control your Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless systems
  • Network Monitoring – Monitors your network so you can proactively respond to devices going down or having any other issues. Cybersecurity features with perimeter scans.
  • OpenVPN – Allow Remote VPN, Switch on and open ports
  • Remote Access – Via our online portal you can access in your system from anywhere in the world.

Simply plug in, switch on and you are on your way


Our Team

CTO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Daniel comes from a background of IT support and services delivering projects for large financial companies in the city, FTSE 100 companies and oil and gas.

Having held management positions in large companies throughout the UK and Arab Emirates Ashlie has joined the team to provide her wisdom and knowledge to allow WhyRoute to make big steps toward achieving their goals

Having studied as a lawyer, worked in Media, Hospitality, HR and holds senior management positions in large UK based companies, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge how businesses tick